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About the graphologist


Batia Cohen Croitoru is one of the best graphologists in Israel. Having an experience with a background of 20 years of activity and graphological analysis of manuscripts of thousands of customers, the graphologist became famous for the exactness and the special quality of her works.


The graphologist has a permanent 2-hour broadcasting transmitted from a local radio broadcasting channel having a high popularity rate. She had also many successful appearances in the electronic information media and she gave many interviews in the written press about her graphological abilities.




 Batia Cohen Croitoru is a university graduate in the field of psychology and works as a lecturer, being certified by the Education Ministry, leading many workshops and guiding meetings in the entire country on the subject of personality types evidenced by the manuscript samples. Additionally, the graphologist has been authorized (commissioned by a judge) by the Law Court Authority to function as a specialist in arbitration problems in the field of manuscript analysis for juridical purposes. Batia has functioned as main specialist with tens of files that have been solved based on her professional reports. In the cases where differences between examinations of different graphologists have been found, judges as being determinant accept her professional diagnosis.


Batia lives in Meitar together with her four daughters, being married to Dr. Sebastian, family practitioner, and for ideological reasons has always lived in the Negev desert, refusing many proposals coming from various entrepreneurs from Israel and Europe. Recognizing her potential and special abilities, they had wanted to change her residence to other areas of Israel or other countries in view of extending her business. All this happened due the way she perceives Zionist life and the education of her children in the spirit of qualitative life.

However, the entire activity of Batia Cohen Croitoru is influenced by these ideals, so that, unlike other graphologists who commercialized the profession of a "graphologist", Batia tried to keep a relatively small number of customers in order to pay maximum attention to every manuscript.


The Special Method


During more than 20 years of experience, the graphologist developed a special method of analyzing manuscripts, based on joining various conventional approaches practiced in the field of graphology.

Through her ability and expert technique in this field, as well as through joining of the talent and her special intuition qualities, the graphologist succeeds in understanding the mysteries of human being.

Batia continues the tradition of a dynasty of over 200 years of manuscript analysis of her family. This ability expressed itself in her youth and with the years the graphologist specialized and became a known figure in this filed.


The graphologist diagnoses candidates to various positions in the business field and advises managers and directors (negotiation abilities of managers of either competing or partnership companies, diagnoses of faults in the decision making process at individual level, long- and short-term planning of processes). In the personal and interpersonal field, the graphologist diagnoses various aspects of the personality and identifies emotional and interpersonal problems, in reference to all interior and superficial / environmental components.


Additionally, diseases, health deficiencies have their own expression in manuscripts. It is possible to diagnose hormonal imbalance, diabetes, eating and digestion disorders, etc. The graphological diagnosis cannot replace a thorough medical examination and therefore in case of discovering physiological health problems, the graphologist will recommend in her report to be examined by adequate physicians. She warns with responsibility and sincere care of every discovered health problem, regardless of the initial purpose of the ordered report.



Business services


 Batia Cohen Croitoru is now among the first Israeli graphologists and an important number of businesspersons refer to her services. She has a wide experience in the activity of diagnosis institutes and in placing manpower (for example, the "Pilat" company). Among the services offered to the business world within the institute we can count:





The juridical field


 The graphologist has been authorized (commissioned by a judge) by the Law Court Authority to function as a specialist in arbitration problems in the field of manuscript analysis for juridical purposes.


 The report can be made for any language (with the condition that the analyzed original text has to be written in the mother tongue of the person who wrote it).



Customers letters


"I have been surprised by your abilities… you are a real treasure for many people… if your great personality and psychological abilities were known you could be an invaluable patrimony" (lawyer and psychologist Ovadia Nimrod).



"The analysis of your reports has a surprising degree of exactness and prevision" (Mr. Eliezer Barth, General Manager at " Eli Katif").



"We doubted only once your diagnosis and to our regret the collapse has been rough. We hope to take benefit from your precise activity with a high degree of success provision " (Mr. Shmulik Tzavieli, Coordinator in " Har Hebron" Council).


 * Because of the discretion of our clients, we avoided publishing many appreciation letters that accumulated on our desk.


The press


"Two words I had written on a piece of paper were enough for Batia to tell me who I am, what I am and what the relations to my partner are… simply amazing", Mrs. Yael Hen, “At”, Maariv Publishing House.



"I am overwhelmed by the exactness of the findings" singer Sharon Aziz in a local radio broadcast.



"A single notebook was sufficient to establish that Hanit Kikos did not run away from home, but it seems she has been kidnapped, and thus the police changed the inquiry path" Mr. Shimon Ifargan, "Yediot Tikshoret" newspaper.



"She sees beyond words, no doubt she has amazing superior spiritual abilities" Mrs. Yaffa Goldstein, "Hatzofe"





All languages can be analyzed.


Please contact:




“The Institute for the Applied Graphology"

Under the management of the graphologist Batia Cohen Croitoru

Shivta 30, Meitar, P.O. Box 1020 Israel

Telephone: 972-8-6519421 Fax: 972-3-7255786